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Different Types of Writing Degrees

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Choose in a career you love and you will never have to work. If you are fond of the romanticism of language and have a flair for the humanities, writing might be just the career for you. Technical writer or journalist, writing skills can be applied to an array of career options depending on your interest. If you are looking to enrich your skills set and possibly consider a serious path to become an author, this article will explore options in qualifications and building your foundation to develop into one.

An Associate Degree

Typically, with at least a two-year study, the industry-focused program equips graduates with the basics of writing that can be applied to an entry-level job prospect, or lay the foundation for a bachelor’s degree. The emphasis is usually to nurture and inspire out-of-the-box thinking for creative writing and to build the fundamental proficiencies involving literature and writing. The theories cover aspects such as informational writing, journalism, technical writing, and business communication.


A Bachelor’s Degree

This would be the next step and usually takes about four years to complete during which you will be able to specialize in a type of writing.

Medical Writing

If you are looking for a career in medical writing, science communications or journalism, you can consider universities such as MIT, John Hopkins, UCSC or BU. MIT and John Hopkins are examples of universities offering specializations in science writing where graduates may opt to become a science journalist, through a doctoral degree would be required for those who aspire to go into research.

Technical Writing

The simplification of communication on complicated topics is the focus of technical writing degrees. The curriculum revolves around understanding reader-friendliness and the production of composition formats such as instruction manuals and technology supports. Arizona State University offers such a BA.

Creative Writing

This major is sought after for aspiring and freelance authors. It nurtures artistic expressions and conveys an original message to readers on the elements of fiction, sometimes fused with disciplines in literature and philosophy. The University of Columbia and the Aberystwyth University in Wales are examples of this BA.



If you are looking for a path in the publication be it newspapers or magazines, this would be your obvious choice. The London School of Economics and Political Science was ranked first in the UK for media and communications studies. Syracuse University offers you an MBA in Art Journalism should you be looking to further your qualifications after your Bachelor’s Degree.

A Master’s Degree

This would be the next step on the writer’s ladder depending on your focus of writing. It would take about a year or two to complete with full-time study and may require a dissertation for you to graduate. Master Degrees in Rhetoric and Composition, Literature and Fine Arts are such examples.


The most advanced studies in writing can take between four to six years to achieve with the requirement of a dissertation. In any case, there are always PhD writing services available on the market to support you in managing your thesis. Creative writing, literature and rhetoric and composition are some examples of specializations you can get a PhD in, in working towards a career in creative or scholarly publication, or should you choose to go into teaching.

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