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Top 10 Outlet Switches

of 2019

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You’re driving home and make a quick stop at the hardware store to pick up an electrical outlet switch. You meander down aisles till you arrive at the right section. You find never-ending choices differing in price, design, and functionality. You wonder how you’re going to make the right one without having to come back for an exchange. Meanwhile, there isn’t store personnel in sight, and your take-out food is getting cold in the car. Here we compare the top 10 choices that can light up your life.

Switch Outlets

Anyone can turn a switch on and off with a push of a finger. So let’s start here with the basics. If you are looking for just a simple outlet with a switch, here are some options.

BindMaster 3 Prong Grounded Single Port Power Adapter

This is the perfect option for devices that do not come with a switch and can significantly help you conserve energy on your utility bill in the long run. The light indicator is a good function to have when you are fumbling your way in the dark to find the switch to turn on your light. This outlet, however, is not able to power appliances that might need more than 125 volts.

Kasonic 2 Prong Single Port Power Adapter – 2 Pack

This set of two is a pretty good deal. Like the BindMaster Adapter, the Kasonic helps you to save energy especially with appliances that do not come with a switch. To add-on, it is built with polarized plugs that do not draw any energy when switched off. It is built safely with in-house quality control standards and is ETL listed.

Remote Control Outlets

Picture winter, you are warm and comfortable in front of the cozy fireplace. When it’s time to go to bed, but you realize you have to go outdoors into the frigid cold just to switch off a lamp on the porch. So why not from indoors? Remote control outlets are perfect and a safe choice for individuals who are less mobile, such as the elderly or pregnant, as there is no need to bend down to get to hard-to-reach switches, or deal with complicated installations.

Fosmon Outdoor Electrical Outlet Switch – One outlet

The Fosmon Outdoor Switch comes with a wireless remote control with a 30-meter range, ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting. You can now turn off your porch lamp from indoors. This is perfect for any hard-to-reach outlet behind your television system. The three prong AC plug requires little installation and is a heavy duty on weather resistance come rain or shine. Not to mention the lifetime warranty it comes with.

Fosmon Wireless Remote Control Outlet – Two outlets

If you like the Fosmon Outdoor Electrical Outlet Switch but have more than one appliance to power, consider the 2 outlet variation. This option comes with the same remote control functions except for a slightly shorter control range of 24.3 meters. Similarly, it comes with a hardy weather resistant casing that makes it perfectly safe to use. It’s 6-inch cord plugs safely into any grounded standard outlet. This switch is perfect for multiple 125V appliances including the television, heaters, aquariums, and humidifiers.

Dewenwils Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Remote Control Kit - Three outlets

Think winning Christmas lights. You have lit up Rudolf, a Santa and some lights twined in bushes. You definitely need more than one outlet socket to power the best Christmas installation in your neighborhood. The Dewenwils wireless remote control kit comes with a pack of three receivers and one remote control that independently powers and controls all three, while being powered by three grounded outlets. Eliminate the need to step out to fumble in the dark for switches. The remote control powers at a range of 30 meters in open areas, that works through doors and walls.

Beastron Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch – Two outlets

Looking for an indoor remote controlled outlet switch but see no point in paying for one that is weather resistant? The Beastron Outlet Switch is not waterproof but is perfect for setting up an indoor appliance system that can be controlled by just one remote. If you are a messy keeper and frequently lose things, the Beastron allows you to set one outlet on more than one remote control. This means you can purchase an extra control and have one in both the living room and the kitchen. It’s a pretty smart system if you ask me. The 120V power input outlet comes with a 30-meter range remote control and can save you up to 18% on your electricity bill with the simple manipulation of some buttons.

Century Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch – Five outlets

Build the ultimate appliance empire indoors with the Century Outlet Switch. With five outlets all controlled by a single remote, you have the power play in the palm of your hand. Even better, the kit actually comes two remotes, controlled within a 30-meter range with an RF transmitter that works through walls and doors. The outlets are customizable and re-programmable and allow you to group multiple appliances attached outlets to just one control button, or pair multiple remotes to one outlet. This is the ultimate choice for those who are looking to fully run all appliances via remote control.

Voice-Controlled Outlets

Imagine juggling a couple of dishes full of food and having no more hands to switch off the light. Here we progress from the finger-controlled outlet switches to the high-tech voice-controlled outlet. We explore options that might require a little more effort to set up but fits seamlessly into your existing Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT systems. 


Etekcity Wifi Smart Plug

Wake up to the smell of aromatic coffee ready for you to start your day. The Etekcity Smart Plug can be controlled anywhere you are via an active internet connection. VeSync on your smartphone gives you the power to set automated schedules to power on and off your devices. Alternatively, sync these outlets with Alexa or Google Home and control them with your voice commands. The system also helps you to track any surge in your electricity bills by allowing you to set a threshold for the outlet to prevent power spikes. Though considered to be pricey, it comes with lifetime support, a two-year warranty, and a thirty-day money-back guarantee.


Gosund Mini Smart Plug

Gosund has its own app named small space though it works well with Alexa and Google Home as well. The plug does not come with the control of setting a power threshold, but other than that works pretty much the same way Eteckcity does, and for a lower price. It is built from fire-resistant materials to prevent fires and can also be set on a schedule or timer.


Amazon Alexa Smart Plugs

This two-plug kit requires a 2.4Ghz to connect to the Smart Life app on your phone. It runs on a maximum of 1100 watts and comes with a one-year warranty so you do not have to fret. You can also share the device with your family so everyone has their own remote control via their device. Or else, all you need to do is command verbally.

A manual switch, a remote control or a voice command, outlet plugs have come a long way than just being a stand-alone adapter. So let there be light! And there was light.

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