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Top 3 Platform Beds Under $500

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If you are moving into a new place and need to do some furniture shopping, you know that one of your biggest purchases, couch aside, would be your bed. We spend one-third of our lives chasing a well-rested slumber for that fresh start the next morning. Naturally, a good bed would be a wise investment for a healthier living and mental state of mind.

No doubt, moving is always an expensive affair. Decisions, decisions. With so many overwhelming considerations on your plate on top of a possible damage deposit and utility setup bill, you want to make the right affordable purchase that lasts and provides you optimal comfort with a chic and snazzy finish.

If you are simply looking for a new bed because your existing upholstered one is now unsightly and ragged out, or if your now out-of-style spring box frame sags in the middle, you're on the right path. It is recommended you change your bed frame together with your mattress every seven years. Worn out or broken box springs compromises the support of even the newest mattresses, and can affect your quality of sleep drastically. They can cause possible back, muscle and joint pains in the long run. If you have experienced these problems, durability and sturdiness would be your priority considerations with your new choice, and a platform bed might be your solution.

Here we explore three different king-sized platform bed styles ranging from the price of $299 to $439. We then compare them with your traditional box spring beds on aspects that matter, so you can make a thoughtful consideration. Take some time to experiment with fabric, leather or wood textures to see which appeals to your dream bedroom décor best. Let's take a look at the leather Zinus Jade Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed, the fabric-clad Zinus Lottie Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed, and the wood-based Ecos Living Solid Wood Platform Bed.

Sturdier Rest

So how does the Platform Bed compare with the conventional box spring bed on the front of durability, noise, and solidity? The Platform Bed provides firmer and more stable sleep support that lasts the test of time. This sturdiness has been proven ideal for sleep companions of fussy bed-tossers and heavier individuals in ensuring less ‘quakes' during the night. Because the flat platform frame is also more often lower to the ground, it increases stability. Unlike your conventional frame, they do not require a box spring or foundation to be stacked below your mattress, making it a more economical choice. It forms the dream team when combined with a memory foam mattress, characteristically heavier than a typical innerspring mattress, to provide a firm and supportive sleep surface.

Zinus is renowned for building beds of high quality and support. It is revered to be one of the most popular bed frames sold on Amazon. If you want a very sturdy bed frame, get a Zinus. Either way, the worry-free five-year warranty it comes with ensures you cannot lose out on its reliability. If contemporary charm is what you are going for, the Zinus Jade Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed might be for you. This platform bed is a brilliant combination of both strength and silence. Fortified with foam padded tape applied to its durable steel frame in addition to its wooden slate, it offers a peaceful noise-free undisrupted sleep.

For a gentler and homier option, consider the Zinus Lottie Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed. Raved by hyper-enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon as one of the best platform beds, it comes with the same wooden slates and foam padded tape on its metal frame just like its sister bed. A plushy headboard completes the bed giving you a good comfortable backrest to lean against for days that you want to enjoy breakfast in bed or decide to work in it.

Add a mid-century rustic vibe to your room with the wooden Ecos Living Solid Wood Platform Bed. The high-quality bed promises a zero-squeak sleep with strong wooden slats for increased mattress support which prolongs your mattress life. Furthermore, the stable frame encloses your mattress to prevent it from slipping so you do not have to keep realigning it.


Space & Storage

Do you live in the city in an urban loft or apartment? If so, space is usually a precious asset and consideration in the design of your home. You want a cozy but smart compact layout so you don't live in clutter or stub your toe on something with every turn you make. Platform beds are ideal for small-spaced dwellers as they commonly come in sleek designs that take up less floor space compared to the bulky box spring bed. Some are even designed with extra built-in storage space for you to stow away your mess. This is the perfect solution for any out-of-season clothing, extra bedding or duvet sheets. It saves you the added-on money that you have put aside to spend on stand-alone storage units that take up excessive floor space.

Both the Zinus Jade Faux Leather and Lottie Square Stitched platform bed are supported on reinforced wooden legs. The minimalistic design allows you to slide some very affordable Ikea storage boxes under the bed as needed. The sleek and non-chunky design also visually opens up your room, making it look airy and spacious. Likewise, the Ecos Living Solid Wood Platform Bed comes with a 7.87-inch height underneath space of the bed, sufficient for you to stow away old clothes or luggage that you do not need to access on a daily basis. The bed frame is supported by superior hard-wood legs continuous of the bed frame to give it a clean finish.


Is your quaint and oldfangled bed now the antithesis of its former-day haute grandeur? A bed lasts for almost a decade. We can't change our beds every day like clothes to fit our mood or the season's style. So when we do have to pick one, a timeless piece would be the ideal choice. Platform beds are modern and minimal compared to the conventional brawny box spring frames and have an industrial look. They adorn confined or open spaces with clean lines in the wide variety of materials and styles they come in and are generally lower in height than the heavy-looking primitive box spring frames. Because they are lower, they make your ceilings look higher and the room much airier and less visually cluttered.

Expressing laconism and austerity, the Zinus Jade Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed invokes a contemporary atmosphere in any bedroom. The espresso colored faux leather bed stands at a floor-to-top height of 38.7 inches. Dark brown is a very versatile, posh choice when it comes to interior design. It creates the same audacious effect as black to give you an elegant air, but with a less absolute tone. It highlights certain things in your room when used minimally with neutral light colors to provide an outstanding contrast. In this case, the clean and sleek feel of the bed design adds just enough dark contrast to your room without darkening it out, composing the perfect balance of masculinity and mellow natural tones.

The Zinus Lottie Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed pretty much harmonizes into any bedroom with it's neutral, almost-denim moderate blue. The textile is pleasing to the eye and creates a warm feel with its cool hue. What's more, blue has been shown to soothe the heart rate and decrease blood pressure, just the effects you need while counting sheep after a long hard day at work. To create a homier dimension, the square stitched headboard can also accommodate a modern country vibe with its soft feel. If you are concerned about maintenance, the near-denim tones would be a great option for masking certain stains that accumulate over the years. Approximately half the world's population is wearing some kind of denim at this point of time and about 3.9 billion pairs of jeans leave factories on a global scale. If you are one of those consumers, you can bring these cool blue tones into your décor to create a chic and quirky atmosphere with contrasting accents.

Lastly, should you be looking to create a nature-inspired atmosphere to bring the great outdoors indoors, go with the Ecos Living Solid Wood Platform Bed. The distressed finished wood carries a resonant and robust brown that is effortlessly both eye-catching and lavish. The rustic brown invokes a sense of security and stability while sitting perfectly in either a colonial or country styled room. As there is no full headboard, the minimalist style creates an illusion of more open and relaxing space, completing the charming atmosphere of your safe haven.

Moving and Assembly

Let's talk about practicalities. Have you ever found it impossible to get your unassembled furniture through the narrow door? If you are purchasing only a bed and no other furniture, it makes less financial sense to hire a handyman or mover to set it up for you. In the ideal world, a bed that requires less muscle and a simpler assembly process would be the dream. The assembly of platform beds is also a lot more straightforward than a box spring that requires more complicated assembly. It is possible to find a pre-built box spring but they are usually a bulky nightmare to manage and get through your doorway.

Setting up the Zinus Jade Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed is relatively straightforward. Once it arrives at your doorstep, moving the components into place is very manageable. You will find all the parts for making your bed smartly zipped away in the compartment at the back of your headboard piece, so you don't have to go on a treasure hunt. Conveniently, the same goes with the Zinus Lottie Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed.

Putting together the 62.8 pounds Ecos Living Solid Wood Platform Bed is easy as well. The bed comes with all the required hardware parts, so you don't have to walk over to your neighbor's to borrow those that you don't own. Bed building doesn't have to be a chore, turn the assembly of your new bed into a spirited project that both you and your partner can spend quality time on, and enjoy the fruits of your labor later.

The Verdict

Did you know that the first ever platform beds were created by primitive Egyptians? They were glued together to form a wooden framework that was found in archaeological tomb digs today. In this day and age, sleep technology and innovations have superseded consumer demands for fulfilling just practicalities and comfort. The platform bed has evolved into an array of fashionable options to spoil you for choice. We have explored that the platform bed can prove superior to traditional box spring frames on the front of durability, stability and combating space constraints. The only setback you might have to consider is if you have pre-existing knee problems. Platform beds are lower to the ground and may be more difficult to get out from depending on your condition or height. Even with that, an extra box spring could be placed on it to solve the height issue. Although, keeping the bed low would be a great pet pleaser as your furry friend can easily hop up top to give you a slobbery wake up every morning.

With just a budget of $500, we have found three high-quality and hardy bed options. In another concluding point, platform beds are economical they are stand alone and do not require any add-ons. You can also some money on buying expensive storage furniture as you can simply slide some non-necessities under the bed to save room space. On the spine support front, they have proven to stand the test of time. Unlike the box springs, they do not sag and can support heavier memory foam mattresses ideal for heavier individuals, though they also work perfectly well with the classic coil mattress. Slats that are placed apart are also ideal in providing good air circulation, lowering the chances of mildew and mold that might cause allergies. This preserves and prolongs the life of your mattress and has added health benefits overall.

A night without dreams is like a cupcake without frosting. You sleep in the bed in your make. If you are going to be snuggled in protesting in a fourteen-day Bed-Ins for Peace campaign like John Lennon and Yoko Ono did in 1969, better make sure you pick the most comfortable bed ever! Share this article with someone who might be struggling with a bed purchase decision too.

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