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Children in Vouge

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Vogue. The top icon for fashion in the world began as a newspaper in 1892 in New York. Today, with 23 international editions since it's first British monthly publication launch in 1916, Vogue has tapped into the potential interest and shed much limelight on children's fashion trends. From glamorous coverage of Beyonce's twin babies to the latest spring trends in kid's fashion, you know your little sweetheart will have a highly sought-after future if he or she makes it on Vogue.


The Who's Who

Anyone who is anyone worth mentioning has been seen at one point or another on Vogue. Young ones of celebrities are sought after as trendsetters. Even little Price George was featured wearing short pants, a pullover sweater, and a collared shirt. Suri Cruise was spotted hailing a cab with actress mom, Katie Holmes, trending a prim distinct look, mixing animal prints with bold colors on her dress with leggings. The Beckham children were all the rage when they were spotted traipsing the streets of New York with beautifully styled hair. Trendsetters are published and the editorial pages are highly sought after by trend-followers who wish to keep up to date with the what's what on fashion.

The Brands

Just this January 2019, Vogue covered an article on Net-a-porter as it launched its multi-brand kidswear collective. The collective itself included the brands Yeah Right NYC Kids, Alanui Kids, ATM Kids, Chinti & Parker Kids, Lingua Franca Kids, Golden Goose Deluxe and Veja. Vogue features other cover kids brands such as Gap Kids, Two Bridges, and Gucci, and have worked with renowned photographers such as Igor Borisov and Michel Comte. No more monsters in their closets, kids are having a ball today when it comes to picking out clothes from theirs. High-end kids fashion involves fashion lovers who have become parents, and who try to engage their kids in it. Vogue features the most expensive threads of staple wear, to comfortable luxury athletic styles. Sometimes all it takes is a little Roger Vivier, Versace, Marc Jacobs or Christian Dior to get the town talking about your gorgeous little munchkin, better so if he or she gets to be featured on the cover of Vogue.


The Artists

Igor Borisov's work has graced the pages of Vogue Bambini and Vogue Ninos amongst countless other high-end publications. With over 2 decades of experience, the Parisian based children photographer has created many international advertising campaigns, including that of Baby Guess, Guess kids, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, French ELLE kids, and Massimo Dutti.

Michel Comte is one of the world's most recognized, revered and respected photographers for his unparalleled ability to capture fleeting moments in unveiling beauty. Based now in Los Angeles but born in Switzerland, the mastered artist evolved into one of the most highly sought after fashion and portrait editorial cover photographers. His print campaigns include those for Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Chloé, Rolex, Revlon, Ferrari, BMW, Jaguar, Céline, Lancôme, Bluemarine and Trussardi amongst others. Comte is a regular contributor to Italian Vogue as well as for American and Russian Vogue, Playboy, GQ, and Vanity Fair magazine.

The Models

According to an article written by Jane Ridley on the New York Post, children models are among the highest-earning stars, many drawing six-figure sums even before their twelfth birthday. Some even paid up to $1,500 for a day of editorial work. When it comes to making it as a model, Julian O'Neill knows what he's strutting. At a young age of 7, Julian has already worked on many high profile brand shoots, including Vogue Bambini, Roberto Cavalli Kids, and Euroclub Kids, making up to $12,500 a year. Another star is Baylor Cryder, who had made it to the front cover of Vogue Bambino at the age of 10, and has earned up to $45,000 a year, achieving the type of success many adult models can only dream of. So how do you know if your young one makes the cut as a high fashion model?

All that Glitters is not Gold

Photography is the universal wordless language in our era. Surprisingly, kids fashion and photography is not for a green beginner, both for the photographer and the model. It takes charisma and chemistry between the photographer and the model for the magic to happen in a magazine. Rare opportunities for young children to work with photographers like Igor and Michel are hard to come by and very valuable. Though, in the words of Uncle Ben from Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. The pressures of working with them might be psychologically tough on a model of such tender age, though a great future lies ahead for these them.

Making the Cut

So you have to start somewhere in your mission for your child to take over the media by storm, but you are not sure where. Perfection does not have to be a prerequisite for your child to become a model. Though conventionally good-looking children with healthy skin, shiny hair, and big bright eyes are in high demand, an unusual look might make your child unique, as high fashion magazines are always seeking the next edgy new look.

Personality matters too. An independent, fearless and confident child is always preferred over one who constantly needs their parents around. This means feeling comfortable in taking advice and directions from strangers such as photographers and stylists during shoots and interacting well with other kids. An outgoing child who enjoys attention would be much easier to work with than a shy one.

On top of that, finding the right scouting agency, such as Family Pride that you and your child are comfortable to work with matters. If your child has all the charisma before the camera, you can consider kick-starting his or her career in modeling by approaching agencies with some starter headshot photos. All that matters is that your child is happy, enjoys modeling and has the loving support of his or her parents on the path to starting something great for the future.

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