Hi, I'm Rachel. 

Just like building a house, you don't start from the roof! 

With 10 years of experience as a Marketing and Communications Manager. I have managed a spectrum of international brands from different industries. Because I am not only a writer but also a Marketer, I understand the mechanics behind how market segmentation works. 

I've always loved languages. I am your quirky wordsmith with a creative wit and a passion to make your brand pop. Consumers today don't care what you have to offer. They care about what they need. I write in a language that resonates with the secret wants of your audience, drawing them to your site which can translate into your revenue.

I am an artist and a globetrotter with 40 countries in my pocket, which makes the world my perfect office. My experiences enrich my knowledge and serve to inspire my writing more. 

Whether you're a marketing agency or a business owner, I'd love to help you generate content so you can focus on the things that matter more to building your empire! 

"Content builds relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust drives revenue."

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