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Did you know?

AI-generated content concerns 63% of consumers due to bias, inaccuracies, and unoriginality.

Don't be that brand.

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I'm a communication strategist

Hello! I'm Rachel.

I’m extremely good at one thing: Communication. 

I speak in a cognitive language AI cannot.


Through the power of adaptive behavioral psychology and storytelling, my 14-year global track record has crafted new brand identities, piloted campaign experiments, and optimized performance indicators. I've handled a wide spectrum of industries, from healthcare to fintech, and managed communication for markets in the UK, APAC, MENA, and US. Through an in-depth understanding of your target demographic psyche, needs, and pain points, I simplify the messaging of complex concepts & products into succinct pitches that resonate.

About Intro

What kind of content do you need?

Pain-point research | Value proposition pitch | Competitor differentiation | Multi-channel content | UX writing | Go-to-market messaging | Ad copywriting

Brand positioning | Corporate identity and profile | Website copy | Marketing content | Creative writing | Brand guidelines | Creative conceptualization

Press releases | Newsroom articles | Social media content creation | Blog articles | Podcast show notes


You are looking for someone to craft your brand with charm, precision & originality that can translate to leads and conversions


Regular Content
to Make Your Presence Known

I take care of developing fresh and relevant high-quality content for you at cost-effective rates. I develop content that influences and educates readers and drive them to your website. Just so you can concentrate on the other things that matter for your business.

A Writer that Understands your Market Segment

I am a Marketer with 10 years of dynamic experience in different industries. I understand the significant mechanics of effective keywords and techniques that drive traffic and conversions for each consumer segment.

Compelling Content that Engages and Converts

I am a wordsmith certified in creative frameworks. I write original and well-researched materials from the perspective of your consumers, creating an emotional impact that resonates and can translate to your conversions.


Are you an agency requiring some works to be done?  Or a business owner looking for a freelancer? Either way, I'd be glad to hear from you!

Start by saying hi in the chat tab, or leave a note below if I am offline. 

Thanks for submitting! I'll be in touch shortly.


"A very skilled and talented freelancer... I would highly recommend her and will be hiring her again! Excellent high-quality work...


This task was very challenging and she exceeded my expectations."


Not convinced?

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